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I like the current Nobbys. Good trail tyre and good grip for my local trails. Wicked Will out back Nobby up front would be good.
I'd take a look at this combo when my Maxxis tyres expire. I'm currently running a DHF Exo+ 2.5 up front and and Rekon Exo+ 2.4 out back.


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Damn Hambo, this is good from you. Would buy a product labeled Yeah Gnar, most likely apparel though.

The other options are all 'soft as shit' though.
I would run a mile from wearing a product with a name like that….
There’s a couple out there aimed squarely at the endurobros that make me cringe…


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I'm out of touch since the last XTR was announced in 2018 but didn't seem to be available for a long time after the launch. Anyone know when the next XTR will be released?

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Possibly about this time next year something might be said. Shimano's last few generations have run on a four-year model cycle, with model years roughly six months ahead of calendar years... In XTR terms, that's M960 in 2002 for the '03 model year, M970 in 2006 for MY07, M980 in 2010 (MY11), M9000 in '14 (MY15) and M9100 in 2018 for MY19. So on that presumption, the next generation M9200 could be expected for release in mid-2022 for the 2023 model year.

PS: A few years ago Shimano suffered a fairly significant fire in a section of their primary Japanese plant, which produces their highest-level XTR and Dura-Ace bits, as well as some XT/Ultegra stuff. This led to considerable delays in the production & availability of the then-new XTR (M9100), and also pretty heavily fucked up supply of a lot of other decent-spec bits.
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