The last movie you've last watched last


Cows go boing
Cocaine Bear - on Netflix - even if you think your squeamish watch it - not really horror - even the Missus enjoyed it and she hates this type of movie normally.
That it’s a True Story helps it along
Watched this last night, for a ridiculous plot movie it was actually ok...


ウェスド アドゥーデ
With Halloween coming up we did some not-horror horror films.

We started with the most horror-like Pulse (2001). I didn't quite get into this one. Think I needed a little something more. Then Rocky Horror Picture Show. I'm not really into musicals but this is fun. Then we finished with What we Do in the Shadows. Quite entertaining and pretty funny.


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really enjoying shoresy on SBS. its crude, but the characters and jokes that are repeated so much quickly become a very comfortable setting.