The last movie you've last watched last


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"Ponyo" - Miyazaki's latest film... more kiddie than some but still terrific.

Maybe 8/10


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LOTR - Fellowship of the Ring (extended).

I fucking love Hobbits so 10/10 no questions asked.


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633 Squadron.

Not as good as I remembered. Plot based on reality in parts, highly fanciful in others. Lame special effects, even by early 1960's standards. Saved by 3 real Mosquitos, even if they were of the wrong variant.


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Mama's Boy. (No judgement, my brother brought it home from the shop!)

I think it was a straight to DVD thing, but not actually as bad as I expected. Jon Heder is still playing the same old chracter, but it's developed a little better and the story is predictable, but entertainging.

4/10, +1 for Sarah Chalke, so 5/10.


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UP! (in 3D) 9/10
Also UP! (also in 3D), although I rate it about a 4/10. Dunno why people are raving about it..? A pixar film should be fun and light-hearted. The 3D was disappointing too, they only really used it effectively a few times.

also, just to clear something up, it's not Inglorious Bastards, it's Inglourious Basterds. so many people getting it wrong..

and i give inglourious basterds an 8/10.
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