The last movie you've last watched last


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Also UP! (also in 3D), although I rate it about a 4/10. Dunno why people are raving about it..? A pixar film should be fun and light-hearted. The 3D was disappointing too, they only really used it effectively a few times.
Yeah, same with me.
But I give it at least a 6 or 7... I agree with the 3D.
After I saw the Toystory 3 trailer in 3D, I wanted to see that instead... It had sweet 3D haha.



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After I saw the Toystory 3 trailer in 3D, I wanted to see that instead... It had sweet 3D haha.
hells yeah, the 3D from that looks great :D can't wait for it to come out!

also, to clarify why i gave it a 4, please don't get me wrong, UP! is great as a movie, good detailed story and all, but that's like being asked to make a dishwasher and instead being given a ferrari. sure the ferrari is great and all, but you can't wash clothes with it. the point i'm trying to make is that what UP! delivered isn't really what people expect from a pixar movie, hence my low rating. i'd much rather they stuck to cars and toy story :)


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Last movie I saw at the theatre was Wake in Fright few months ago now. I rarely get to the movies these days.
Last DVD watched at home would be Neil Young's Heart of Gold. Big Neil Young fan.
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Funny People.

It's got some really funny bits, but there's so much that drags on and could've easily been cut out without affecting the storyline. Doctor scene is great.

My suggestion would be to hire it out instead of going to see it. The DVD has bucketloads of extras and funny as shit stand up acts that weren't (but should of been) put in the movie.



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Michael Collins - It is a little more hollywood than some other films of a similar ilk but it's a great film. 8/10.


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Orgazmo 9/10

Nothing like watching an old lady telling two mormons to "Fuck right off"
That and black stunt cocks...

Nerf Herder

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Deliverance ... 7/10 ... reminds me of Sydney in the 70s.
The Magnificent Seven ... 8/10 ... it would be better if Hors Bookles (sp) wasn't in it.
Papillion ... 9/10 ... Love it ... Dustin Hoffman is a classic ... and Mr Bullit is a legend :)
Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid 9/10 Newman, Redford ... old skool spank rats
Cool Hand Luke 10/10 ... I love my prison stories

All watched again in the last few days ... my eyes hurt.

Still to watch
Midnight Express
Empire of the Sun
The Great Escape


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Shoot 'Em Up - 4.5/10... Pretty funny, but pretty gay... Action scenes were pretty rad but still, gayyy


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Up - 8.5/10. One of the best animated films I've ever seen and one of the best of the year.

Surrogates - 6/10. Pretty run of the mill thriller. Not bad.

Couples Retreat - 3/10. Distinctly shit. Couple of laughs.

500 Days of Summer - 6/10. Not bad. Not great. Different take on the romantic comedy with some whiny guy back story.

Mao's Last Dancer - seen large chunks, and I'll go 7 based on story alone. It rhymes with meow, not friggin mayo. Idiots.

Whip It - The huge chunks I've seen look like fun. 6-7 I reckon.

Inglorious Basterds - 9/10. Fantastic movie. Really really good. Watched the ending 10-15 times, never got old.

District 9 - 8/10. Really fresh take on things, liked the special effects, hate SA accents. I'll make an exception here.

Charlie and Boots - 5/10. Funny Aussie film, but at it's core, not great. The potential plot issues weren't elaborated on at all. Looked like an Aussie film too.

Fame - 4/10. Haven't seen all of it, but it's shallow and too condensed. There's meant to be 4 years and they seem to disappear. I suppose if you enjoy dance seens and shitty teen drama, go for your life.

G Force - 3/10. Pretty stock standard B grade kids movie with some fancy 3d work. 3D can't be used as the equivalent of turd polishing. Kids'll love it though. The ending is a load of crap.

Coraline - 7/10. 3D done well. I wouldn't call it a kids movie, but it was pretty enjoyable. Everyone seemed to receive it well too.

Aliens in the Attic - shit/10. It's shite. Haven't seen it all, wouldn't need to.

Push - 5/10. Average. Very average. Cliche end. Average acting. Potentially good story line. Dakota Fanning still manages a good performance.

Final Destination - Watching tonight. Not expecting much.

Looking forward to The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus, The Box, Shutter Island, Alice in Wonderland, Holmes and Zombieland.

New Moon will be the bane of my existence for 3 weeks.

Oohh forgot

Funny People - 6/10. Since everyone told me it was shit, when I watched it with terrible expectations, it turned out pretty well. Way too long though. Story line tried to do too much.
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inglourios basterds

inglorious basterds and id give it a 6 maybe 7 but deffs not something you wanna go see with your girlfriend plus i had already lost the plot wen they started drinking milk but the action stuff was INSANE if you like seeing gory shit see it looks so real like when the first guy takes of the first scalp you actually think its real (not story ruin-er btw) but if you watch the trialer its nothing like that gets real boring;)