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Absolutely. The only notable achievement in those films, and even more so with the Hobbit, was Jackson's ability to take a really good story and turn it into a bloated turd.
The Hobbit certainly, but not Lord of the Rings. He could have made 5 movies out of the books.


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From - shite acting, good story.
Reservation Dogs - love it, just grabbed Season 2


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Trying to watch Dahmer on netflix, I don't think I'm gonna make it
Yeah it's about 2-3 reasonable episodes with peak filler. You could finish at episode 7 to save time - a large amount of what comes after is fabricated anyway.
From - shite acting, good story.
I got absolutely sucked into this. The story is great and the behaviour of those creature things was genuinely unnerving.


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Watched the bad news bears with the kid. I recalled it as a fun kids sports movie from when i was young. Wasn't prepared for the free flow of slurs from the 11 year old characters, their drunk and swearing coach and a kid being hit on the field by another coach Times have changed in 50 yesrs but was pretty bad.


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Went to an actual movie theater, albeit an alternative type one and watched Asteroid city.... Well it's a movie all right, it wasn't a 'bad' movie but it was pretty bloody weird. I suspect I wasn't this movies' target audience as I'm more or a brainless action movie type of guy and this was defiantly an artsy little number. Not a 'bad' movie but more an experience rather than entertainment.


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It was my sons birthday last week and we went to the movies, his choice Spider Man: Across the Spider-Verse.
I think I should have hit @indica up for some of his acid...

I'm not really a superheroes / cartoon character movie aficionado but had quite enjoyed Spider man: Into the Spider-Verse. On the other hand maybe it was the setting that had made it so enjoyable at the aforementioned Darwin deckchair cinema but really struggled with the latest one.
Similar sentiment here. My kids love Spiderman, I'm indifferent. We watched Into the Spider-verse a little while ago and I found I really enjoyed it.

We watched Across the Spider-verse tonight. The animation was wild, there is so much going on that you could watch it 10 times and still miss things. I liked it, it has a pretty convoluted storyline, but I guess it's to be expected if they've got free rein on however many variations of Spiderman they want to create.
I am sorely disappointed in the cliffhanger ending. Was. Not. Expecting. That.


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Give Jones Plantation a watch. The acting might let it down a bit but it's mostly clever allegorical storytelling.


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Not a movie but an Australian series.
Mr In-between. Brilliant black comedy. Each ep is 30min so it gets to the point with zero filler. Acting is sensational in that understated Australian way.
Some of the best TV I’ve seen in a long time.
Yeah if you haven't seen this its excellent. forget about the latest Hollywood remake of a shitty 80s movie or Mavel formulated rubbish, this is different and very entertaining


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Took the kids to TMNT Mutant Mayhem.
Was quite a bit of fun. Nothing ground breaking but it ticked my 'turtles nostalgia' boxes and it was nice to see them portrayed as young teens. Also good to see the focus on a big-bad who wasn't Shredder


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Cocaine Bear - on Netflix - even if you think your squeamish watch it - not really horror - even the Missus enjoyed it and she hates this type of movie normally.
That it’s a True Story helps it along