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Jokes aside, 180mm rear rotor on a 27.5" rear feels about the same as a 200mm rotor on a 29er in my experience.


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I’ve currently got one wagon wheel. Does that count?
I have a 200 no my wagon wheel and a 180 on my non-wagon wheel. PARS = proportionally appropriate rotor sizing

To be PARS, the rear would need to be 190. So I think this is the next size that the marketing gurus need to get out.


Another case of not having enough mass to notice.

Also, I find running Hopes the power difference between rotors is more noticeable than with a lot of other brakes where the initial bite is more pronounced (Instant-power 2-pot M8000's spring to mind).

I'm the kind of guy that owns and uses 2mm headset spacers though, so YMMV. :p


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I went with a 203mm because they look nice! I reckon I'd be perfectly well serviced going back to 180/180.

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How fast and how steep are you guys riding? I haven't ran bigger than 160 on the rear for many many many years. I figured a smaller rotor was a smaller target for chunder when I was ploughing rocks and that it was less likely to move warp and annoy me as it gently grazed the pads. I only run a 200 on the front because some of my forks only take a 200 and I like to be able to swap wheels over if necessary. I haven't noticed any problems with my brake performance. It might be that I am only in it for the climbs and thus never descend.


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Jokes aside, 180mm rear rotor on a 27.5" rear feels about the same as a 200mm rotor on a 29er in my experience.
I ran 180mm rotors on everything for years and saw no reason to go bigger. Then tried a 203mm on the front of a some 2 pot Shimano 9020s to try and up the stopping power a bit and was amazed at the difference. Sea of 203mm on almost everything now.

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Sigh, disc rotors are shaping up to be the new front in the pissing contest of MTB perceived 'upgrades'.

Now if they can just make them in several thicknesses and introduce a 5 and 8 bolt patterns to ensure incompatibility then we will be on a winner just like hub standards and brake/shifter pod mounting thingys.

Mr Crudley

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The only thing I hate about my 203mm XT rotor is that a strong wind seems to bend it out of shape.
Minor rotor ting-tings sort of fix themselves with some spirited braking.