COVID-19: who’s going full doomsday prep on this?

Dales Cannon

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Seee @Scotty T - I read that as my arm is sore from whacking off ....

I just - literally got jabbed AZ - and like @tubby74 ,20 mins in n out - didn’t feel it and I’m a needlephobic

my arm is a bit hot tho , #toomuchwhackingoff

oh , and we have no power , like most of Victoria ,storm is wild - Stay Safe
I didn't feel the needle bar the initial prick* in the arm but I could feel the goo being squirted in. Weird, never had that before. I don't ever watch so it was a definite sensation in the muscle. Asked the nurse/tech/practitionisterer and she said some do some don't. The injection is into the muscle rather than subcutaneous and you can sometimes 'feel' it. Perhaps with so little muscle there to begin with it was an obvious increase in size?

I developed a mild headache some 8 hours after which stayed around for maybe another 24 on and off. Arm was sore for about the same period.

* yes I know it is just a little prick with a needle but who knows what he is going to do with it.