COVID-19: who’s going full doomsday prep on this?

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Businesses will soon be to reward people that get vaccinated..
Tga approved the rewards which is very unusual..

Blatant coercion:( Where there is risk there needs to be choice.


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I have resisted believing the line that luck played a large role in the covid outbreaks in Victoria.. But fkn seriously, what are the odds the 1 person that drives to qld has covid.. We are locked in and there is only 83 active cases out of a population of 5.2 million people.. In percentages that’s 0.000015%. Maybe it’s 0.000018% factoring in cases they don’t know about.. So this 44 year old woman manages to come into contact with one of the ~ 0.000015-18% of people that have covid then in true fk wit rule breaker fashion choses to drive to qld.. But is still enough of a rule follower to get tested...
I’m willing to bet the back story will be great.

I.e Family member is a hotel quarantine worker, hasn’t been feeling well, hasn’t had a timely test, our traveller thought it was no big deal to just up and go.

Just hope there isn’t more community transmission discovered when DHHS goes looking

What a shit show

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I thought the new NT rule around testing a couple of days after quarantine was a no brainer. Easy, cheap, should pick up anything that was missed.
I’m also surprised they don’t send everyone out of quarantine with at least their first jab.
The irony is that it only applies to people who arrive in the Northern Territory from another state. It doesn't appear to apply for Howard Springs and even if it did, as it's only NT who are doing this (for now), most people who are discharged from HS are heading straight home to a different state.

As for getting the jab in quarantine, I don't think it's possible anywhere at this stage. We asked if we could get it done at Howard Springs as it's better to be crook for a couple of days when you've got bugger all else to do rather than when you're at home or at work, but unfortunately the NT government declined. Partly because of safety and logistics concerns and also because it wouldn't have any effect for people who are already carrying the virus or are at risk of catching it within a few days of receiving the vaccine.


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I like to think it's karma in action after the Queensland Chief Medical Officer banned those parents from being with their newborn.
I don't disagree with you just making a further point - In the current climate I would hate to be responsible for decisions - Its never been a more damned if you do damned if you don't scenario. The shitty thing about rules is they suck in so many situations.

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So... the people that live in Caloundra are responsible for the Queensland CMO's decisions? Odd way karma works
To be fair, that's more of a philosophical question but I think that any metaphysical form of judgement spawned from an exotic religion with thousands of multi-limbed gods, is going to seem a little bit 'odd' in our Western eyes.


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got the 2nd jab yesterday with no queues. 19 minutes from walking to the street entry, getting checked in to getting out, including the 15 minute observation time. half the desks that were manned were just waiting for people to come in. stready stream of people but could easily have been handling double that rate. Is NSW doing general 40+ shots yet?

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I got the first Pfizer. Immediately upon receiving the shot my body obviously connected to the 5G cloud and a message was generated to my phone with the appointment for the next shot!

Someone said to me it was probably the device that the nurse was using but I believe that was an encryption station used to seed the bitcoin my body is now generating for the government.

Seriously though arm is sore, and a bit tired, mild headache the day after. All of which could have just been another day feeling a bit off or whacking my arm on something.