COVID-19: who’s going full doomsday prep on this?


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I have family in Wuhan, so I have some insight into what it’s like staying home for a month.

Decided to stock up on daily life essentials (stuff that will get used anyway if things remain normal), medical stuff that a young family will generally need, masks and gloves, water purification kit so I can party out of the rain water tank if required, household cleaning items, cooking gas, fly spray and a bunch of shells in case any of you unpepped soft touch motherfuckers come cryin for handouts.

I’d upload pics but the server is a pussy and I don’t know how to reduce the file size on a phone.

Any y’all getting ready for major disruption, breakdown of global supply lines, lockdown or the end of civilisation?


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Yeah, have been accumulating a few extra non-perishables each of the last couple of shops, and will be getting prescriptions in advance etc.

The reality is that this virus is not going to affect everyone equally. Children seem to be OK so far which is good news. Elderly with existing heart conditions / diabetes etc are most at risk. The imminent isolation periods (I don't think we'll have lock downs in Aus) will affect those who can't work from home, and those who need access to services the most.

If you are generally healthy, under 50 and able to work remotely, its going to be mostly an inconvience - although knock on economic effects might be largest concern. However, elderly parents and people with disabilities etc will be at a much higher risk and they need to be considered if you're fairly blasé about getting sick from this yourself.

It might become another endemic virus (like cold and flu) so after this initial wave of the highest rates of virulence and transmission (and being novel), it will recede somewhat to becoming a seasonal illness with much lower transmission and mortality rates etc. This is one scenario which seems likely, there are others though.

I'd not be looking to travel anywhere overseas at the moment (I'm probably cancelling the work trip I was planning for later this year), not just for risk of infection and transmission, but given how fast things happen, you could find yourself stuck somewhere for a few weeks.

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I'm off to Taiwan on a riding holiday next week. Looking forward to getting the whole plane cabin to myself! Did source a couple of surgical masks though. Not so much for their limited prevention ability, more because I don't want to look out of place.

I will also be stocking up for emergencies before I go as my following Leave falls over the Easter weekend and the bloody Taliban who run Australia still make it nigh on impossible to get a drink on Good Friday.
It's 2020 FFS!

*Having said that I have been glued to the Johns Hopkins dashboard for the last few weeks. Taiwan doesn't concern me too much as the virus doesn't seem to be spreading as rapidly in warmer countries and I'll be riding out in the sticks for almost all of it. However I do think we're going to be in for a rough winter and I can see my week of bucket-list gigs in May (2 nights of Iron Maiden, 1 night of Faith No More all at Rod Laver arena) going tits up as large gatherings and events get cancelled.
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I’m rather concerned, being prediabetic but a bees dick away from formally classified as diabetic (impaired glucose tolerance) , I’m at extra risk. Cramming that metformin down my throat now at maximum dosage.

Cleaned out the pantry, in preparation for doing a big shop. Oldest thing I found back there had a 2013 expiry. Woolies near my work had no signs of stock shortages. I’m going to plant the veggie garden with some type of greens, I’ll loose my mind if I can’t get some fresh greens, but frozen broccoli will be a staple I think.

Will buy up non perishables for three weeks of isolation I’m thinking. Hong Kong ran out of toilet paper, don’t get caught short.

Johnny, are we now thinking security of potable water is of concern?

Logistics are going to get very messy, a friend of a friend is a buyer for Kmart and they are scrounging to get winter clothes stock secured from non chinese suppliers.

We need resident doctor Rowdy to share his wisdom and insight.

Working from home for 2-4 weeks, I see a lot rides and house renos in my future.

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Tokyo seems as busy as usual, but you get more of the stink eye than usual if you cough or sniffle on the trains!

Getting on a flight tonight via Singapore. I might change my landing back home to Canberra and visit Johhny.

House is going to be barren when I get home, except I think I left yoghurt in the fridge...been away since boxing day, hnmmmmm. Anyone want a highly volatile probiotic?


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But in all seriousness, I’m very worried. less about supplies etc, more about the lack of preparedness and slowness to act by many countries.
In the western world, we might think our throats are cut if we miss out on a few luxuries, but I feel for people in less developed counties with shitty government. Looking at you, America.


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The virus worries me less than the potential for social and economic instability.

Closing schools affects peeps who are working parents. I like the idea of forced limited tourism & plane travel though - that shit was ruining the planet.

Even my employer has effectively banned external meetings & forced anyone within cooee of the virus to stay home. They put that in place weeks & weeks ago.

The big issue is housing virus patients - we don't have an unlimited number of isolation facilities & it's fucking expensive to carry this out.


Created by the Illuminati, made to kill off a fair section of us oldies who are only becoming a burden on society.
Doesn't affect many youngies.
Bet all the old Politburo don't have a worry.
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And a load of Iranian govt officials have it, very suss uncle Donnie


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The big issue is housing virus patients
FUCK it, let them walk around and infect us all, get it done.

But in all seriousness, I’m very worried. less about supplies etc, more about the lack of preparedness and slowness to act by many countries.
And YOU are feeding into all this bullshit and helping to blow this out of proportion,

it is NOT then end of the world, this is NOT any worse than anything else. This IS a fucking scam.


call me Mia
And YOU are feeding into all this bullshit and helping to blow this out of proportion,

it is NOT then end of the world, this is NOT any worse than anything else. This IS a fucking scam.
Silly me. I almost thought you were being serious :)