Product Review STFU Bike drivetrain damping module

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Hands up anyone who has chucked a Velcro chainstay protector on their bike or even wrapped a busted tube around it to stop your chain beating your frame to pieces. It’s a damn hollow feeling finding all that paint and carbon chipped off your frame from your chain noisily slapping around but thankfully there’s some damn fine goodness from STFU Bike available to pamper your ride.

You’ve heard of Aussie downhill icon Chris Kovarik, you’ve seen the rad videos of him totally tearing trails to pieces and dominating with World Cup downhill wins. He’s helped create the STFU Bike product so you know that it’s gonna need to handle whatever you can chuck at it. There’s an STFU Bike available to suit any ride you have. There’s a Downhill version for 7 or 10 speed drivetrains plus there’s the trail version to suit bikes running up to a 12 speed wide range cassette. I’m astounded this product hasn’t been available until now, it’s so simple to...

Product Review New Cleanskin MTB range!

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Sigh, it’s almost winter here in Australia. The days get shorter, the shadows hang around longer but we’re lucky enough that we can still ride in any conditions. Us mountain bikers turn that sometimes dull outlook into a positive and we go ride bikes at night! I’ve done a few reviews on Cleanskin lights and am stoked to say Cleanskin have expanded their range, have a fancy new website and best of all; you can get amazing gear from Cleanskin and have money left in your savings to add some new winter apparel!

Head over to and check out what is on offer from this Australian owned company. You would have seen the reviews we did on the Duo and Solo LED lights and today I’m pumped to share the details on the C-Flat composite pedals, the digital shock pump and the Unite LED light that I’ve been running for a while.
Lets start with the pedals. They’re a composite material, very light...

Product Review 2020 Polygon Siskiu D7

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“When you’re onto a good thing, you stick with it”. We’ve all heard it and it’s pretty accurate. Polygon know it and instead of not changing something, they’ve refined what is already one of the biggest selling dual suspension bikes in Australia from Bicycles Online; the 2020 Polygon Siskiu D7.
Lets say I’m looking for the perfect short travel bike capable of XC laps and some intermediate blue trails. My comparison had me looking at a range of bikes available for around $3,000. Knowing the Polygon Siskiu D7 was a fair chunk cheaper than most bikes in the same range, I unboxed it the day after I ordered it thinking it may need a few parts upgraded to make it capable of some local favourites. As I hung it in the stand and removed the carefully applied packaging, I was pretty chuffed to see it was going to be a damn fun bike straight out of the box. Check it out at Bicycles Online here....

Product Review Deity Components from Lusty Industries

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Many a bike lands on the shop floor with a pretty darn fancy spec nowadays. Some are priced to sell with good frames and kind of okay components. Whichever mountain bike you plan to buy or currently have underneath you; you can always treat yourself to a cockpit upgrade to sweeten the deal. With so many choices for components though, it can be a lengthy exercise. Shorten that list though and don’t look past Deity Components, distributed in Australia by Lusty Industries and available at your local and your online stores.

I’ve had so many bikes that I’ve upgraded the components to Deity and that was the end of the upgrade, I never changed the gear after that. The range is vast; apparel, handlebars, grips, stems, pedals, saddles, you name it, Deity will probably have a version you can bolt onto your bike. For this review though, we’re looking at some Deity bars, a stem and a saddle.


Product Review Nukeproof Horizon Advanced Rim Defence

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You don’t come across a lot of folks running a tube nowadays. Tubeless tyre systems in mountain biking are certainly here to stay but it doesn’t entirely eliminate the chance of a flat tyre does it? The early days of tubeless setup were only just okay but I was beating my rims up pretty badly in those days. Now though? Touch wood, I haven’t copped a dented rim for a long time thanks to rim protection. I’ve used a few and have been very satisfied with what I’ve used. There is one in particular that has ticked every box on my list though; the Nukeproof Horizon Advanced Rim Defence from Chain Reaction Cycles.

I’m surprised that there isn’t more rim protection out there. There are a few types but the ones that make sense to me are the simple idea of a chunk of material inside the tyre that creates a barrier between that sharp edged rock and your alloy rim. The Nukeproof Horizon Advanced Rim Defence is a super light closed cell foam...

Product Review PNW Components Cascade dropper post

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In just about every conversation I have about the great improvements to mountain bikes, I say every time that a dropper post is the biggest leap forward we’ve made. I love the things and am that guy that scoffs and says “Ha! How did we ride with a rigid seat post!”. I make a point of getting a feel for every new dropper post I come across and have been really keen to get on a PNW Components post since they arrived at Mountain Bikes Direct. Click here to check it out.

The post I’ve been using is the PNW Components Cascade with the 1X remote mounted to the left side of the handlebars. It’s a 30.9mm clamp and an impressive 170mm drop. At it’s full extension, the post measures 489mm. The bike I put this on needed to be an external routing and it needed to impress a lot more than hydraulic post that it replaced. You don’t see too many externally routed droppers...

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