Product Review 2020 Polygon Siskiu D7

“When you’re onto a good thing, you stick with it”. We’ve all heard it and it’s pretty accurate. Polygon know it and instead of not changing something, they’ve refined what is already one of the biggest selling dual suspension bikes in Australia from Bicycles Online; the 2020 Polygon Siskiu D7.
Lets say I’m looking for the perfect short travel bike capable of XC laps and some intermediate blue trails. My comparison had me looking at a range of bikes available for around $3,000. Knowing the Polygon Siskiu D7 was a fair chunk cheaper than most bikes in the same range, I unboxed it the day after I ordered it thinking it may need a few parts upgraded to make it capable of some local favourites. As I hung it in the stand and removed the carefully applied packaging, I was pretty chuffed to see it was going to be a damn fun bike straight out of the box. Check it out at Bicycles Online here.

The XL I have is 29 inch wheels. Some of the smaller frames are available as 27.5”. I totally commend manufacturers for putting wheels on a bike that suit the size of the rider. It’s a 120mm travel alloy frame with an X Fusion 02 Pro RL air sprung shock, Rockshox Recon RL 120mm air forks with a 15mm x 100 axle mount, cockpit from Entity, 120mm TranzX cable dropper, Shimano drivetrain on an 11.46t Sunrace cassette and Shimano BR-M201 hydraulic brakes. This all rolls on a set of Entity X15 rims and WTB Trailboss 2.25” tyres. Yep, good spec! The best bit though, it’s only $1,899! Thats not a typo, it’s only $1,899 and with Bicycles Online you have several finance options so buying online and having the bike delivered to your door is amazingly easy.

Now let’s talk about the important stuff. You know how amazing the price is but how does it ride? Is it easily maintained? Is it built well? We’ll start with the riding part. The bike is intended as a trail oriented XC style bike. You’ll feel comfortable straight away, the shorter stem gets your shoulders in the right position to perch yourself on the saddle for a relaxed riding position. Pedalling laps around your local is pretty rewarding. The spacing isn’t Boost so you may notice the visual difference looking down the headtube but for what the bike is aimed it, it’s no issue. It pedals well and shifting is crisp but be careful of the bottom bracket height as it’s pretty low. With that in mind, I added air to the shock to make it sit higher in the sag; I found around 20% was perfect. The bike rolls really well (29er, small block tread) and grip and the turns is unreal! It feels very planted, reminds me of a coil sprung bike that sits in the turn and punches out of the turn. I powered up a few climbs but felt it was more enjoyable to relax and spin up the climbs as I was sitting more upright and not in that racing posture when climbing. When you chuck the thing down the fun bits, you’ll be very satisfied but keep in mind it isn’t a bike intended to get you on the podium at an Enduro race.

The parts on this bike execute what it is intended for very well. Servicing isn’t a drama and sorting yourself out with some tools to work on your bikes at home is an easy option. The drivetrain is robust and will serve you well as long as you aren’t driving tree branches into your derailleur. Suspension is easily tuned with a few tweaks of the compression and rebound easily and you’ll feel tuned to the trail in no time.

Something that constantly impresses me with Polygon bikes is the build quality and the finish. Also include Entity components in that conversation; all are presented exceptionally well and in the case of Entity, should be considered as a component option so next time you’re shopping online for parts, visit Bicycles Online and see the range. The paint finish on the Polygon frame is one of the current trend of the sand brown beige variety and when mixed with black and flashes of red here & there, it looks unreal.
To sum it up, the 2020 Polygon Siskiu D7 is a very affordable and well equipped bike that will suit a seasoned rider and be a fantastic point of entry for those getting into the dual suspension crowd. I won’t call it an entry level bike however it would suit a new rider but this bike is rewarding enough to own that it’ll please anyone wanting a planted short travel dual suspension 29er that you can ride all day long. I certainly recommend checking the Polygon range available from Bicycles Online, such great value and great bikes to own.