Product Review Nukeproof Technical Ridewear

This may sound like a copy and paste of a previous write up of the Nukeproof Technical Ridewear range but I’m sticking to it; it’s the best apparel I’ve worn riding a bike. With an ever-increasing range of top-notch gear, you can get a kit that will suit you and your bike’s colourway and have change left over to fill your cart at Chain Reaction Cycles.

Coming out of winter in Australia and into summer usually means you’ll go for a jersey that is lighter and even short sleeves. This will be the third summer in a row for me that I’ve stuck with long sleeves on a jersey and this time around I’ll still be running full length pants on a downhill bike and for trail & enduro riding thanks to the Nukeproof Nirvana and Blackline apparel. I’ve got a couple of the Nirvana full sleeve jerseys and adore the stretch material, it’s by far the most comfortable gear I’ve had. It’s moisture wicking and lightweight polyester doesn’t have bulky seams that limit airflow or bunch up. Even on those big rides dropping a lot of sweat, you can expect the jersey to work for you and keep the sweat from sticking to you.

Also in the Nukeproof range is the Blackline Trail Pants. Damn, I did not expect to spend as much time in these as I have. Also utilizing a 4 way stretch material, this stuff stretches very nicely and boasts a finish that water and mud just bounces off. You’ve got a couple of pockets and a zipper button combo for securing around your waist. They aren’t baggy but they aren’t tight. The ankle material tapers in so you don’t have the threat of snagging your pants in your chainring; big tick! Can you wear knee guards under them? You bet! These pants are made for mountain biking and absolutely kick every goal. I’ve always been a shorts kind of guy and while Nukeproof have a great range of shorts available, I’ll stick with these pants for enduro & trail rides plus downhill. They’ve been amazing in winter keeping me warm enough but surprisingly great on the warmer rides with the only signs of feeling a bit hot is under the knee guards but hey, you’ll get that in shorts regardless.

Similar to the Blackline range, I expected the Nukeproof Outland DriRelease long sleeve tee to be a winter only affair. Mixing a blend of cotton and polyester gives that casual tee short feel but still takes the moisture off your body. It felt like a warmer piece of kit to wear on a cold ride but that one hot day that I packed everything for a ride except for a warm day jersey meant I had to wear this guy from yesterday’s ride that was still in my car. Now we’ve all been down that path where you expect yesterday’s jersey to smell like an old shoe but nope, this jersey was dry, it felt soft and didn’t stand up by itself. I was pumped on it! A really cool looking jersey and super comfortable in any condition.

The Nukeproof range also boasts the Blackline Vapour gloves. True to form of the apparel range, you’re treated to a seamless finish of polyester with a synthetic palm. The glove is a nice fit to slide on and has a longer body of the glove that fits nicely around your wrist. There’s no adjustment around your wrist, some are a fan of that and some aren’t. This material for me stretched a little so it wasn’t too tight but hasn’t moved. Nowadays you’d be crazy to make a glove that you can’t leave on and use your phone, thankfully the Blackline glove works just fine.

There’s a lot to choose from in Nukeproof’s Technical Ridewear range but you’ll never blow your budget. This stuff is priced so well that most of the time it’s the most affordable. Add to that it’s the best apparel I’ve worn in all conditions plus the added bonus that you’re always treated to great discounts on Chain Reaction Cycles website; you can’t lose! For me, the standouts are of course the comfort, the longevity of the gear and how robust it is to the perils we chuck at it. A vast range of designs and colours means you’re completely sorted. Hot or cold, wet or dry, the Nukeproof Technical Ridewear range is made to handle whatever you can dish out.



Ive gotta say, I rate the Blackline pants. I've been wearing regularly for over a year now (I feel like I bought them based off the original write up?) and they are still going strong. The material is some of the best I've come across and is great to wear. They've faded a little bit, but by no means unduly given the wearing time they get, & the material has stayed just as comfy and strong.
The only hiccup was one of the buttons falling off, which I never bothered to try and replace. It doesn't affect the fit or comfort so I don't pay it much mind.
It's a tough call between the Nukeproof Blacklines & the Ground Effect shorts I have. I feel like the Ground Effect have the edge on quality (both are very good though), but I prefer the look of the Nukeproofs. Best bit is the material is also quiet, it doesn't sound like your wearing a roll of craft paper.
I'm also quite enjoying the Blackline Jersey in hot weather, it doesn't feel like a wet hankerchief on the sweaty ride & doesn't chafe. I would definitely recommend both.