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Dales Cannon

The Olden Dazed
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We built our current house 20 years ago, close enough. The ensuite sink was leaking somewhere and dripping onto the floor. It is a bowl set into a thick plank of jarrah with a small return on the front. Expected it to be the piping underneath as I just cleaned that out (lovely job, highly recommended). Nope not there. Ah, the silicon seal between the timber benchtop and the set in bowl thingy has split. Easy fix, dry off the top and then redo the silicon. Look underneath and find some folded cardboard that was put there by the cabinet maker to stop silicon oozing through. 20 years it has been there. Stuffed now though because that was where it was leaking and the cardboard is very very wet. Amazing.

pink poodle

aka stickchops
How good is not working? Last week was a bit much, looking forward to having the sick numpties back this week! Maybe I'm not actually...won know until the end of this week I guess. Anyway now is lunch on the harbour while the sun shines. I think I'll ride tomorrow...now I am sure I will rain.