What are you listening to NOW?


Likes Dirt
Can't search this due to the words being too short but I have been going down a rabbit hole with the UK artist Ren this week after stumbling upon

Ren - Hi Ren (Official Music Video) - YouTube

Ren - The Tale of Jenny & Screech (Official Music Video) - YouTube

The fact he is completely independent from a major label and basically does everything himself is pretty incredible. Then you take into account that the video clips are recorded in one take and the audio is live it just elevates it to a whole different level.

He has lots of other stuff too which I am working my way through but the above two really hit me quite profoundly.

pink poodle

Love some Les action. Might have a can of pork soda for breakfast.

Late response i know. A damn good reason for not is he's the beloved darling of the MAGA crowd due to some of his lyrics.
And not just because of his poor life choices? Off to google I go...need to make sure I'm not being converted to Maga extremism.

pink poodle

I found out about this gig...last night as I rode home last the crowd leaving and bumped into a friend who had been there. I assume it was an excellent evening?


I can go full Karen
I had to listen to dumb arsed, bogan footy stuff from the radio all morning out of my neighbours backyard speakers and started getting pretty sick of it. As a polite way of saying fuck you I've blasted them with Treebeard and they didn't get the message. Now I've turned my amp up about half way and I'm giving them The MBV Glider EP. If they don't turn down their radio they're going to get Loveless next and I'm going to turn it right up.