What are you listening to NOW?


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The best way to enjoy Billy is listening to Mermaid Avenue where the bloke from Wilco balances things out.

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Off the back of the International Protien thread, you MUST watch this video if you have not seen it before, and work on your concentrating on trucking right, as shown in the video.


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Between Freddie dying and the Wayne's World Bohemian rhapsody surge my high school music teacher decided that my class should perform said song at a school concert night. I don't really have a terrific voice and sing like I've been fucked in the vocal chords by Tom Waits and Bob Dylan. So after the second rehearsal it was suggested that I might best serve the school as a star hand...

Currently listening to the Mark of Cain. Haven't listened to these guys for a very long time, probably not even this century! But hen I'll at ease cam out I was really into their sound. LMA popped up in a playlist I was shuffling at work earlier and I figured I'd revisit when I got home.