What are you listening to NOW?


Likes Dirt
Richmond, It's been gone a long time now.
RIP the Old Greek.
Any Melbourne gen x worth their salt would list some wonderful gigs there. it had good sight lines and wasn't too big.
Henry Rollins, Died Pretty, Michelle shocked (pre homophobic arsehat), they might be Giants, the fish John west reject, and of course Pop Will Eat Itself. To name a few.


has arseritis
I will never ever, as long as I’m alive, tire of Nomeansno. I don’t like live albums as a rule, but the show they recorded Live and Cuddly from is sublime. If you like Punk, and like bass guitar, but don’t like Nomeansno…you don’t like punk or bass.


Dr. Beebenson, PhD HA, ST, Offset (hons)
Bugger what the commercial radio stations call "Hip Hop Fridays", got this playing in my office currently.