What are you listening to NOW?


The Hard-Ons 'I'm Sorry Sir, This Riff's Been Taken', green vinyl. Number 4 on the ARIA charts...who'd have thunk it?! Great album. The nay sayers may bemoan the addition of Tim Rogers, but it doesn't appear to have hurt!


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2am start tomorrow for a cheeky “oh fuck it’s broken HALP” breakdown, just got home from anothe “IS FUCKEDED HEEEEEELP” breakdown.

Wide awake, no chance of sleep till later tonight because thats how surprise nightshift works.

Fuck it, time for some loud rifftastic noise.
Neighbours be damned, I’m gonna be one tired Ultra Lord come lunchtime tomorrow.


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The Guardian did a list of Sonic Youth's best 20 songs today, good on them for trying but that was never going to work.
This morning was Evol, Sister and Daydream Nation.


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Maybe this will help you wind down from your post rock high

*warning, don’t listen to anything else they’ve done
Very underrated band (although their last album was a bit meh). I really like their instrumental track Lunar too.

Also if you like them, you'll like these guys:

Literally every song on this album is f***ing mad. So polished. So headbangy.


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my daughter working up a looping new alt folk/indie song in the living room she wrote. Channeling Piklet a little.
Go give her first "release" a listen on bandcamp (and buy it for a buck to make me smile)

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Banging Led Zeppelin's officially untitled fourth album, as the 50th (!) anniversary of its release was earlier this week. Yeah it has Black Dog, Rock & Roll and some obscure little piece called Stairway To Heaven, but this bluesy 12-string slide guitar-drenched monster gets my musical juices flowing.
The massive drum sound is pretty natural; at the time Led Zep did a lot of their recording in an old country house which had a lot of ambience... Drummer John Bonham told the roadies to set his kit up in the hall. "The hall" just happened to be a cavernous space open to all three floors of the building. Distant micing, both at floor level and overhead really allow the room to do the sound-bouncing work and produce the huge, reverberating base for the piece.
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