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Seems to be loads of them on the move at Wylde lately. Every day or two and another one pops up on FB.
Here is today's reptile shot from FB and isn't looking too pleased.

The motorway extension is happening next door at the Wylde V1 so the serpent families have been sent packing to move next door I guess.


Lucky escape for this tourist.

Saw two fang marks': British tourist bitten by venomous snake on Fraser Island

"l stepped on this darkish thing quite deep in the grass, felt like a stabbing pain, looked down at my ankle and saw blood," he said.
"When we got back to the truck and had a look at my ankle, I saw the two fang marks, then the sudden realisation of long grass, plus summer equals snakes hit." In shock, Ben said he showed the bite mark to his fiancée.

"The helicopter landed and they rushed me into emergency services, the snake bite procedure requires 12 hours of blood monitoring," he explained.
"They took bloods and hooked me up to all the monitoring machines.
"Both fangs had hit the ankle bone perfectly so it didn't inject venom, lucky escape".



chez le médecin
My wife came almost face to face with a small brown inside our house on a cupboard.
She heard its tongue rattling, she thinks it was there for a while and she thought it was a skink..
By the time we moved everything it had disappeared.
It was probably after rat meat.
Oh yeah she screamed loudly.
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Merry fucking Xmas to you assholes
Oh man, that's conflicted

"Hi snake, we appreciate everything you're doing around here but we just think you don't have the right temperament to live with us"
We should be able to mail order red bellied blacks. They would clear out the rats and the browns and be pretty chill. Would be like a native useful cat.

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Merry fucking Xmas to you assholes
They should introduce some Rakali. They f***ing hate rats and a comprehensive study (which of course now I can't find) demonstrated they did well at keeping rat populations down around areas of Sydney Harbour.
Well if I could tell the difference, I would love to have some near my place.

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