Mtb prices gone stupid: The Renovation, Planning Permission & Fkn Tradies (and climate change and dog breeding ethics, +greyhound appreciation) Thread


Eats cheese. Sells crack.
Imports can be a nightmare to repair due to Toyota dealers not stocking or sourcing non AU models parts. With some parts being different on import models.
I thought this, but after being in NZ for a few years and seeing just how many are import toyotas (fielders, isis, corolla etc) most of the parts from the domestic markets have the same part numbers. It'd be a nightmare to repair for an insurance company.
Our whippet is nearing 15 years now. When Mrs Pancreas came home last night our pup was on the front lawn by the time I realised she had jumped off our bed on the second floor, bolted down the stairs, through another room and then the car hole. We call her the World's Oldest Puppy.