Middle East situation


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fucking hell, give us a gore warning next time dickhead

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What in the fuck??? This whole fiasco is appalling (both now and in the many years leading up to what is happening), but to go and embolden these genocidal maniacs rather than pursue peace (as impossible as that seems) is unbelievable.

jackboot john is a hypocrite anyways. look at historical immigration levels for instance, they were gradually falling prioir to john than when john took over in 1996 immigration levels picked up instead of declining further or flat lining.

anyways hes the worse pm this country ever had australia would have been better off if he had never been born.

Howard was definitely a shit prime minister and a shit treasurer as well as being a shit person, I even thought he was the worst in my lifetime. But... Abbott and Scomo give him a solid run for the title. As for all time, I think there are a few candidates from way back that might get up there.

It felt so good when Howard lost his own seat while still pm.


Can I ask, who are we meant to be supporting. The persecuted Jews or the persecuted arabs.
Just want to know if I have achieved woke status or genocidal maniac supporter


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from 2021

Look at the graph showing palestinian and israeli deaths and injuries, then tell me who the aggressor is, tell me who is the real group of terrorists.