Rotorburn equivalent for utes?


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Has anyone here installed a 12V system with a deep cycle battery? I'm looking at a Redarc system but not sure if they're just the 12V equivalent of Hope components.
You mean generally reliable? Either way, Redarc make quality gear. Arguably overpriced compared to alternatives you can get now.


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pay the premium, get top quality ..set n forget.
give us some alts. I'm about to pimp out a xtrail for camping n beach open to new shit on the market for charging, solar camping off grid shit.


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Remember when you walked into a bike shop knowing very little about bikes and came out with a shit Giant you were dissatisfied with...
I can see history repeating itself...
He said Ute - It is that - he will be fine


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Is that the same model ute? No.

So what's the point of posting that? Oh, none.

Just about every car on the market will have predecessors that performed far worse in crash test.
Isnt it? Huh, all those stoopid things look the same to me... Wonder if the new one is any better :)


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Honda Ridgeline or the new Hyunadai Sante Fe ute would be good. 99% of these things never see a dirt road anyway, may as well have the safety and handling advantages of a proper unibody construction.