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@kten is right, Signal Yellow RAL1003 and Mustard Yellow RAL1006 too close together.

Reverse the spring and consider a blend of the two along the shaft to integrate it more neatly.


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I quickly hambo'd that and high support adidas sports bra options come up immediately....are you like 12 and speak in some abbreviated language and got stuck in between your mum's shopping catalogue pages?


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Did 1/2 dozen short DH runs tonight with the lighter spring. Felt a lot better to ride, and generally a lot nicer on the chatter and corners, but didn’t jump as well. Seemed to lack the pop of yesterday, when it jumped better then any of my other bikes.
I’ll play with the tune a bit, add a bit more both compress and rebound, and see if that helps without compromising the ride feel. Or I’ll just try the Ohlins air shock.
I’m still absolutely blown away by how quiet and smooth it feels. I can’t get it to make a rattle or clunk on rocks and roots. It’s not that it feels like it has more travel than 140, it just feels smoother than any 140mm bike I’ve ridden.
Cue suspension wonks with conflicting advice and suspension upgrade suggestions.