Bargain buys thread


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Not really a bargain , but interesting as the covid bike uptick may be on the decline .
Large company in UK - gone bust .
Auction listing linky - apparently 25 million worth of stuff - that’s in British Pounds - so a large company .

linky for story

Could mean wiggle/ chain reaction fills the gap ? Or just less competition?


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You have to be a GoPro subscriber or willing to sign up

Sorry there’s none left I only got the email this morning and posted it here .

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Thanks @curmi

Saw catch have the 10 black for $274 which seemed like a good price.
So many more improvements with the 10 over the 8.
The 10 was even a massive jump from the 9 due to the processor and screen responsiveness. It did overheat for those using it stationary for long periods but not an issue for us.