The funniest gumtree/ebay or whatever add post


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he has talent!!! I think he may be on to a new marketing stategy here, as long as the masses are as messed up as me Ha Ha

Joel O

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It is an almost word for word rip off from an ad on craigslist a fair while back. It has been copied hundreds of times since then.

Mr Kurt

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wheres that add for the Giant Boulder for sale? It had pictures of it in the bed, shower, etc etc. I cant find it! Ide really like the link :p


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Hahahaha time for some motherfucking grapes..... I cant believe someone would expose there ex pushie like that LMFAO!!


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I remember seeing an ad on ebay a few years ago for a totally shagged 80's B2000 ute. The guy rambled on about how shit it was , and recommended not buying it...the bidding went through the roof, to well above its redbook value.


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On Gumtree:

Seeking cheese woman -

Posted Date : 2012-04-30
Region : Melbourne Region
Area : Melbourne City (Melbourne Region)
Suburb : Melbourne CBD Melbourne City
Address : Melbourne Region, Victoria map
Job Type : Casual
Advertised By : Private
Hello, I'm seeking a woman willing to be covered head to toe in cheese slices (as per pic), in exchange for $300 cash. Should take approx. 30 minutes.