Muck Up Day Ideas


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reason why we dont have muck up

now i was not at the school but this is what i was told why it got canceled. battery to the boys trough.
2. locked everyone in the quad and threw piss bombs,flour at them, fish oil was also involved
3. principals car was picked up and moved between two trees so he couldnt reverse or go forward.

other idea's:
-glad wrap stair's so people have to climb over makes the rush to lunch interesting

-go around to the classes with bags outside and tie all there bags together.

-goats numbered in the school, like the sheep idea.

-bake a laxitive cake

-if you wanna go further if you have two story block take a cow upstairs cause they cant walk down them.

I take no responsibility for anything you decide to do. haha:)
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These are a few past ones from our school.

1. Get the Ag's sheep and lock them in the principals office.

2. Hire Halo suites and get the biggest water guns you can, run into classrooms screaming covenant at the teacher and spraying the room.

3. Get a giant ball of twine and go around the staircases, lockers and library.

4. Get a bunch of 30-50 people with air horns to run through the library screaming and making noise.

5. Water bombs... need I say more.

6. Get your entire year group (barker 09' of about 340) to ride on scooters, mobility scooters, skate boards up the pacific highway from waitara to school, blocking the road in peak hour with one cop trying to stop us...we then lapped the school blocking roads. Sooooo much fun.

7. Order 50 pizza's to the main office

8. Glad rap an entire car (already said but is a classic that never gets funny, make sure yo do it to someone significant).

9. Record the school bell on your phone, go around the other classes and set it off 10-15 minutes early se if it works.... we had it work a few times and we kept trying to make it earlier and earlier.... some teachers are pretty cluey others not so. Hahaha

10. Simple, get bubble bath, detergent and pour it in the fountains.

Film it and vimeo it. Hahahaha ( and obviously don't get caught).


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We got 5000 post it notes and completely covered a particular school captain's car. Hilarious.


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Best one at our school...

When we were in grade 11, the dux of the school and some mates, thought it would be funny to pull off a covert yet diabolical prank.

They broke into our chapel the night before the closing service thing (apparently racked a set of keys and got em cut...), and unbolted every single timber pew (big 10meter long seat thing made of wood for those who don't know... weigh a tonne.) pushed them to the front of the chapel, then spun them round one by one, and bolt them back in.

Chaos ensued the next morning... and school never had any idea what went down, until the photos arrived to the principal mid way through the next year.... (or so the legend goes.)


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yea my school got warned by the principal about it, so they decied that they wouold go with the harmeless cross dress ... until a group of guys thought it would be funny to flash the principal ... she wasnt very happy with that

but last year they spray painted the sheep ( my school has a small farm) in rainbow colours and put them on the up stairs levels aswell becuase they cant get down either

another one was putting the teachers chairs and tables on the air con unit ( because the are the 2 unit system things ) on the outside unit and they placed the about 1 meter from the window so people wouldnt be able to reach them

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When my mums year graduated, the moved a VW bug into the hall, and put it on the stage. They also stole a teachers phone, and sold it in an auction. One kid glued all the key holes to the principles car ( old days, no button on key). Spray painted the sheep like zebras. Got some sort of poisin, timed it precisly to coincide with the muck up day, and killed all the lawn on the school oval, to say "FUCK".

Theres my input


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1. Go and buy some goldfish!
2. Fill a glass with water, put the goldfish in.
3. Put a laminated sheet of paper over the top and invert.
4. Place on teacher's desk.
5. Pull laminated sheet out quickly to minimise spillage.
6. Repeat.

nice.. used to do that at maccas with the sweet & sour sauce too.

another idea go buy some cheap birds let one out in every room
vaso on the hand rails alwasy is a easy and annoying one.
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my cousin always tells me this story - his mates dad was a landscaper, so the night before muckup day they filled his dads ute with topsoil, turf and some concrete and headed out to their school.
they covered the entrance to the teachers carpark with topsoil, layed down the turf, and poured a shitty kerb along the front.
apparently the street was packed with teachers car the next morning.

it would have taken a lot of effort but it would have been really funny to see.


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As has been said, don't cause actual damage to stuff. If you're a student who attends a private school which maintains a decent cricket pitch, do not underestimate how much that 22 yards of turf is worth.

But really, bottom line - do something that is genuinely funny and creative, which doesn't hurt anyone, and you've done well.