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would blow a manky old hobo for $20
In light of the umpteenth power cut round my gaff I think it's time to start looking at investing in a generator and seeing as the Search function led me to this thread and what appears to be the very handy info on the subject I've decided it's worth renaming it to cover the extra info within!

If anyone else has got any recommendations for reasonably priced petrol gennies that could be used for emergency use in a power cut, I'm all ears.
I figure in these sort of occasions there's no point trying to run anything in the house, instead the garage is the place to be.
So what sort of wattage would be required to run about half a dozen lights, a fridge and a few electrical gadgets (TV/Stereo, chargers for phones etc.)?
No recommendation for the actual generator - However would suggest getting wiring done so Gen can be pugged into your fuse box to power items saves running a lot of leads etc

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Work out what you want to power and add up maximum demand. Then size a generator for 25% more. We can get away with a 2kVA portable Yamaha generator that is also the bush camp standby and leads and boards. House is now wired to 3.5kVA Dunlite Honda genset, refer other thread too.

No idea about generator brands, had a Chonda and it was ok but it died a horrible death powering tools in the bush, it was also problematic about running some times. The ones I have now aren't cheap options by comparison.
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