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...time to find out if wood hearing is now carbon efficient than other forms of heating? You got solar panels?
Yeah, we've got a small 1.5KW system on the roof. We time most energy intensive appliances to run during daylight hours and we have a modest bill most quarters. Definitely interested to see how the wood heater goes. It's a fairly small house by modern standards and not open plan, so we're able to shut off the rooms we don't need to heat.

I've always found that is cost me more per kg to grow my own anything than buy it at the supermarket. I assume we won't run out of produce, after the crazies finish stockpiling their doomsday bunkers.

I have informed by chicken industry and agricultural industry clients that I will be visiting if I can't get any decent food. Plus my boss owns a cattle feedlot so beef is sorted.
Nice! It's good to know a few people. Our plumber hunts deer and I was talking to him the other day about trading a bit of meat for some vegetables.

As for the cost of growing your own veggies. We've taken the approach that some staples like potatoes and onions (that store pretty well) can best be sourced externally, so we are better off putting our energy into producing things like leafy greens, tomatoes and other veggies that cost quite a lot when purchased with $$. Personally, I don't mind putting in the work, and don't necessarily feel it has to be 'economically rational' to make sense; the nutritional value of fresh food at the supermarket is questionable at best and the taste difference can be night and day.
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I planted a potato at my mums house 20 odd years ago, she is still finding them today.

Recently lived almost fully off grid for 12 months aside from gas for hot water/some cooking.
Grew a lot of vegetables, probably got away with a month at the longest not having to enter a supermarket. Learnt a lot of what not to do.
Back in a rental property now, needed a yard and shed for the next step in off grid.
I have a freezer full of homemade pasta sauce thanks to all the basil and tomatoes, if only I could find actual pasta at the supermarket..
About to 'install' the winter veges this weekend. Going againsts permaculture type planning etc as we are only here for another 8 months, still set out to look after itself as best as is possible.
Man I did not realise fruit fly was such a bastard.


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I think we'll try starting a potted vege garden as a project to do with our son. I'd imagine tomatoes would be a good start, then maybe just some herbs? He already eats basil by the handful for some reason, the hard part is explaining what plants he can and can't shove in his mouth.


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Herbs are a great start. Things like rosemary and thyme grow like a shrub and last for years. Lettuce is also super easy to grow (not iceberg though) and you just pick the larger leaves and let the core grow out. One lettuce plant can give you leaves for weeks.


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Pasta is just eggs, flour and a splash of water. You don't really need a pasta maker. Rolling pin will get the job done. Cut into strips with a knife.

Fresh pasta with tomato and basil +100!
I'd have more luck finding pasta on the shelves here then eggs and flour, all the locals are worried about phantom busloads of chinese people.


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A video popped up in my YouTube feed of this Huw guy with tips for cheap gardening to spruik his new book but it seems like a good read. I think I'll grab this when I've got some spare cash.

Another one called 'Grow. Food. Anywhere.' caught my eye too once I went down the rabbit warren. Don't really want to start a big patch but teaching my son to grow food and get to eat it will be a great experience even out of pots.

That snake tyre thing can get stuffed too. Freaked out on first scroll passed. Fuck I hate reptiles.

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Planning to throw another 100 odd trees in and mark out some self seeded Silky Oaks to remain as they are. Having trouble finding Qld maples though. Hmmmm.

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Ta, want to eyeball before buying. I will leave a space.
If they're just tube stock, why so fussy about eyeing them before buying? Is there something about the Qld maple that you need to look our for? Are you just real fussy about a long straight trunk?


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Seems like everywhere is sold out of seeds because of the apocalypse so going to have to settle for using food scraps for the moment.

Going to spend some time this weekend moving our cactuses out to the front garden and clearing space for a raised planter down the line. Not being able to do Bunnings trips at the moment is probably a good thing or I'd be haemorrhaging money setting up.