AM Beware the Raileans! It’s a cult.


with a big stick
I’m up at GE National champs this weekend. Huge day of no-shuttle practice in nasty humidity Friday (close to 45km/1500m climbing). Rail felt fantastic.
Just the pro stage today, racing blind on a track we didn't get a chance to practice yesterday.
The bike in no way reflects my sub par result. Tomorrow is a new, and big day of 6 stages and 40+km of racing.


with a big stick
Didn’t see this post until today. Bike looks awesome. Yore building a great stable.
Something has gotta give. If 26 bikes weren’t essentially worthless, I’d sell a couple off I haven’t ridden in years, but just not worth it TBH.

I really only see the need for 4 bikes.

-daily trail/training thrasher that I don’t care about wearing out or grinding through mud. (Spitty or Alpine).
-good trail bike/short travel race bike (Stanton)
-longer travel enduro race bike (Rail)
-bombproof short travel DH bike. (ENR).

No interest in a shorter travel XC/trail bike, hard trail or full DH bike.

Even that’s excessive TBH….and I could list 5-6 bikes that I either haven’t ridden, or maybe ridden once in years….But just aren’t worth selling.