Bargain buys thread

Daniel Hale

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there shifters though ;), sublime -i use shimergo extensively - 10spd campy shifters with 8 spd rear shimano, usually mtb cassete -they both pull 3.0mm, easy to setup and ergonomics much better than shimano, plsu sprint buttons to boot so you can easy change in the drops

pink poodle

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If you are as lucky as I am then you too have a head that looks pretty stupid, especially with sunglasses on! Anyway to distract from looking stupid but to also protect my eyes I tend to choose sunglasses that look stupid anyway! To this end I recently picked up a few pairs of sunnies that were on sale at CRC...

There is a bunch of different colours on sale but goodr at the moment. Yeah the be sucks! But that is a small price to pay for a colour that is somewhere between coral and raspberry. The packaging these came in is awesome too. They look to be a reasonable bit of face wear and I'll be sure to give them a work out when I'm heading to work on Thursday.

These swank glasses look and feel like decent quality. The hinges snap in lock into place, the lense is shatter resistant, frames are strong, and above all else the ends that hook in behind your ears are shaped on such a way that they won't run on the inside of your lense when the glasses are packed away. I only grabbed one pair of these and I am very pleased. I plan to wear them to coffee in the morning and not impress anyone!

I don't think either of these will be my trail sunglasses, but the pink ones might make it to the dirt lumps occasionally and I'm pretty sure they are going in the snow bag!

Mr Crudley

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I saw that and was Shirley tempted. Keeping crypto loot for a dh frame of my dreams. My crypto is now 50 percent up so no rugrats on putting it there instead of the banks.
I hope it goes through the roof and you will have to gold plate for your new goodies in real 24K gold just because you can :)