Any Zwifters out there?


his flabber is totally gastered
My 30km freebie from a few nights ago reminded me what it was like to sweat. My FTP is 262 from memory, a bit high for current fitness as I haven't pushed too hard since my op.
My ftp was set a while back during a particularly fruitful and fitful period.

I am still behind, but rather than sensibly resetting it and making reasonable gains, I have chosen to leave it too high and stubbornly attack my workouts.

Science tells me this is the wrong way to do it. Common sense tells me this is the wrong way to do it. Yet I continue on in a glory of self flagellation.


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Almost need a sticky or Zwift setup thread. So many options.....
Zwift is about as popular with the Burner-purists as ebikes and gravel ;)

Think of it as the lepers corner, where its acceptable to be a Burner-purist who may own a MTB, talk about MTB's but hasn't ridden the thing for many weeks or months but as soon as your ass hits an eeb, gravel or zwift you are ostracised :p

A lot of us have had our fair share of documented problems with connections/computers/tablets over the last 60 odd pages.


his flabber is totally gastered
I was a week ahead until cold #1...

This one seems milder than the last two
Childcare life is the most horrendous time. A fine pot pourri of the myriad green slime snotty pox's currently doing the rounds.

Will prepare you physically and mentally for teenage lyfe