Adelaide what to ride...


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Ok Adelaide peeps, im off to the other side for a week of riding at the end of April ,I've booked a shuttle at Fox Creek plan to hit Eagle mtb and do the train thing from Mitcham any other must do when I'm there..
I'm staying in Glenelg so would it be easier/better to drive to Mitcham station or tram/train it


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Fox shuttles will be good !

It's an ok ride from the bay to Mitcham but it would be handier to park at the station. That way you are at the bottom of the hill and if anything happens, it's a cruise down to the station and drive back to Glenelg.


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Thanks mate ...
How easy is it to navigate to the trails from the top (belair)
Get trailforks and you'll be right.

Who have you booked shuttles with at Fox?
Your driver should be able to make recommendations for which trails to take

What travel bike are you bringing?

Eagle can be awful if you're not prepared and/or don't know your way around.
15+ years of events, "event only" links that were never closed and no sign upgrades since opening make for an awful first time visit

There's some great long distance trail rides to be had ex Craigburn Farm/Belair if you can grab a local


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Sorry mate, I'm 'a local' and live in Belair but I've got an injury. Only managing small flat rides ATM. Might be good by end of April though.

As Acko says, Craigburn and Sturt Gorge would be better than Eagle, you can get off the Belair train at the Craigburn stop on the way up.

The Fox day will be good.


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Happy to meet up and show you Craigburn,etc. Not an expert by any standard. Myself and teen son most likely.
O' Halloran hill is 'doable ' from Glenelg...


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Thanks guys I've booked shutles with escarpegoat for fox Creek, we might give eagle a miss and pencil in Kersbrook ,is it a ride or shuttle in your opinion..
boyracer that would be sweet
and neither of us are anything special so your boy maybe the best rider amongst us..


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Either or. People do both. Easy shuttle for a good chunk of the trails. You have to do the climb to the other stuff.

If I was you, I would just ride. Dead Man's climb isn't that bad.


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We are there from 27th till 2nd so I'll leave it up to boyracer..but it will probably be easier on the Sunday as we have shuttles on the Saturday, maybe Friday arvo train shuttles are an option but I'd need a yay or nay from the locals if that's feasible...


Aaaand, if you need any extra energy (nudge nudge, wink wink,) go to Elizabeth. Recommend you don't bring your bike though :rolleyes:


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With the sting in the tail, at the end of the day. Phenomenal commute.
Mine, which I haven't done in a long time is 66km return with the 310m climb to Belair at the end but the climb is not as bad as the southerly that blows nearly every day making it a 'headwind home'.

I ride from the Port so it's diagonal across the city on bike paths. Lizbef is pure North-South and open.

@boyracer what route do you take ? The roads there are busy, also full of Bolivians and Northern bandits :)