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    Plastic bags, climate change, renewable energy,

    No but I find his voice so annoying I can't watch his videos.
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    Sold SOLD - EXT Storia LOK V3 coil - 205x65mm Trunnion

    Bargain! I am loving my EXT Storia.
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    Electric Vehicles etc

    Maybe more the charging gizmo than the traction battery itself
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    Coffee Drinkers Anonymous

    get a Flair lever machine, they are awesome my VBM domobar junior just steams milk I use the flair
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    The hams plan to ride in japan.

    I've only been to Japan once in the winter going again this winter but saw heaps of places and thought that looks like it'd be great to ride but when I checked trail forks looks very limited. So let me know how you go I'd be super keen for a Japan trip. To add insult to injury my Japan trip will...
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    Newly Released eBikes and eComponents General

    That'll be some kinda beast!
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    New to Aussie, advice on South Old trails pls

    Have you found a local? I spent a short time in the Gong and found some awesome not strictly sanctioned trails. I believe there are a heap more. It's not rotorua or queenstown but I thought the riding was pretty good there, more accesible than Sydney which seems pretty patchy from my limited...
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    Solar... who's clued in?

    Ours with two EV's (and solar) is around $150-200/month in winter $100-$150 in summer and under $100 in shoulder seasons.
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    Pass the relay baton

    It goes better than me. Am recovering from a cold so not ideal but conditions were great today. Will take a bit of getting used to but loving it so far.The rider is definitely the limiting factor by a very long shot.
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    Electric Vehicles etc

    I'd be happy with one of those!
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    Pass the relay baton

    So far all I have managed is a few laps around the park in the dark.
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    Pass the relay baton

    New Relay Frame - Transition Relay Rear shock - EXT Storia Lok V3 205x 65 (170mm) Front shock/fork - Fox 38 Grip 2 Factory 170mm Handlebars - Renthal Carbon Stem - Anvl or RaceFace Turbine R - need to instal RF Headset - FSA Grips - ODI Saddle - SDG Bel Air 3 Seatpost - One Up Front brake -...
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    bellingham Washington state

    Any reason not to do other BC destinations? Squamish, North Shore etc? I'm going to be in Seattle/Vancouver but over New Year :(
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    Full Fat or HiLo: an eeb conundrum this looks the goods, new bosch sx motor also nice
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    Newly Released eBikes and eComponents General

    And you lose a bunch of unsprung weight from back wheel