VIC WTB - Size small FS Enduro / All-Mountain


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Item: Enduro or Enduro-ish with 27.5 wheels, size small
Location: Melbourne VIC
Item Condition: Used but good condition
Reason for selling: Wanting to buy
Price and price conditions: Around the 2,000-3,500 range
Extra Info: We are starting to shop for a size small enduro or all-mountain 27.5 full suspension for my partner. She is 160cm and about 48kg so even a juniors or 'kids 27.5' size would work. 130-160mm rear travel, but would like a modern-ish HTA around 65 as most time is spent downhill, not up. Also happy to take suggestions on deals or For Sales that you've seen. Thanks much mates!
Some of the types of bikes we are looking at:
  • Commencal Clash JR 27.5
  • Commencal Supreme Junior 27.5
  • Revel Rail 27.5
  • Kona Process 27.5
  • Liv Intrigue
  • Juliana Furtado
  • Open to what's available but probably 2015+ models...
Pictures: For attention


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There were a couple of older bikes recently on FB that have since sold. Shall keep an eye out for you.


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She wants a 'fun' colour... whatever that means... shrug

That Focus looks like a good option, I'll pass it by her. The Tomac looks decent but it's a 26" and could use some upgrading


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I prolly would have gotten something a little cheaper, and invested the balance on a helmet.

Good to see partners getting dragged into the trails, makes those "essential" upgrade purchases a little easier to squeak by.



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hahah hell yeah, I can only hope the upgrade bug bites her too.

She has a helmet it was just on the ground after we made it to the top of Bastards Climb, which we walked like 75% of anyways hahah