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*Do not apply unless you have five decent posts! Don't apply unless you've got five posts.
With the expansion of the Rotorburn online community, we (the admins) have decided clamp down and improve the Trading Area of the forums. Currently the trading ethic has been very good, with very few cases of dispute and many happy traders. However, recently we have seen a slight deviation fromhigh standards experienced previously due to the lack of ethic and experience that some of the newer members have. To counter this, we will be enforcing a new system of access to the trading forums.

Before going any futher, please read the rules. There aren't many and its only a 1 minute read so there is no excuse to not be familiar with them.

For Sale Format


The subject title must be clear and to the point, browsers must know exactly what they opening if they are deciding to view the post. Posting subject titles in capitals will result in a warning and/or thread deletion.


  • Item full name and model etc. (include things like colour, size, year etc).
  • Location (where you live, and whether or not you will see interstate etc)
  • Item condition description (provide as much details as possible, try to give the buyers a visual description of what to expect from your words. What the bike/part was used for.etc.)
  • Reason for selling (A lot of buyers will ask this so please provide a reason, even if its only to say that you need the money).
  • Price and price conditions (such as negotiable, non-negotiable, will or will not consider selling parts separately).
  • Extra Info: (If there is any other info that you'd like to add put it here)
  • Pictures (if you don’t have pictures and cannot get any please state as such. If you think you can get pictures soon, please hold off posting the thread until you get the pictures, we want to avoid the posts where the first 5 replies are people asking about pictures). Please use the info in this thread to post your pictures.
Item: 2003 Boxxer Race

Location: Brisbane, will send interstate at buyers expense

Item Condition: Excellent working order, replaced seals recently, all internals excellent condition, a couple scratches on the lowers from shuttles, but overall vgc.

Reason for selling: I need the money to buy some 888s cause I just have to have the latest thing!

Price and price conditions: $800 negotiable, but will not go below $700.

Extra Info: None.

Pictures: (no pictures for this example, but I would stick them here).
Updated For Sale Posts

If you have updated the post with information such as an updated price or something, edit the post with a red *Updated* next to it. You may edit the subject title and add an *Updated with the updated date behind it after the current title.

Example: 2003 Boxxer Race *Updated 14-01-03

Sold For Sale Posts

When you item/s have been sold please update the thread title with a "SOLD:" in front of it.

Example: SOLD: 2003 Boxxer Race

Important note, every hour a script is run that automatically moves all posts from the For Sale forums with "SOLD" in the thread title, into the Sold forum.

Thread Bumping

As there is quite a post traffic in the for sale forums, new posts can move down and off the page quite quickly. This is why we allow thread bumping (in moderation). Thread bumping is the process whereby the buyer replies to the thread with the word *BUMP* in it to get their post back to the top of the For Sale threads list. However, there are limitations:

- You may only bump a thread once every three days, with a maximum for 3 bumps unless the price is lowered. Excessive bumping will result in a warning or thread locking. This includes all your little friends who want to tell us how well you look after your gear every 5 minutes. No dice.

Replying to For Sale Threads

One of the biggest problems we have had thus far is the way people are replying to sale threads. Using common sense will avoid most of these problems.
  • Read ALL replies prior to posting your own. There is no point 1500 people asking the same question over and over with multiple replies of the same answer.
  • If you query doesn't need to be in the publics eye, pm the seller.
  • Do NOT slant the user or item that is being posted. Eg. Someone selling boxxers, and someone replies with "Boxxers suck". Any replies like this WILL be deleted and the person responsible will receive a warning or something along those lines.
  • Respect the buyers wishes and stay on topic. Admin expect to only see replies that are about the item to be sold.
  • Do not reply in SMS/MSN abbreviations or post ads that use it either.
  • Replies to confirm the item's condition and/or buyers credibility are acceptable, but please keep them to a minimum. Example: person A says that they have seen person B's for sale item and verify its condition.
What you may sell

For Various reasons we have made it a rule that you can only sell bicycles, parts and mtb accessories on this website. If you want to sell something that is not MTB related, use ebay.

Who may sell

This is for private sales and trading only. Shops and commercial entities must be a current paying advertiser to have any type of advertisement post in these forums, and even those are restricted to the 'Sponsor Specials' forum and press releases. Please email for more details.

You cannot sell for friends or acquaintances. The items you list and sell must be items that are your's and in your possession.

Tips and Important Notes
  • Before engaging in a transaction request the other parties (buyer or seller) name, email address and phone number. Sometimes communication breakdowns occur for various reasons so it is important to have alternative forms of contact.
  • If you find yourself the victim of fraud or some other unlawful happening contact your local police. Beyond removing trading access and banning them from the website there is little we can do to pursue wrong doers. And no, we cannot give out email addresses/IP addresses unless they are already publicly available so do not ask.
  • Send your items via registered post. If using Aus post bags use express (with delivery tracking). Many problems of never received goods can be avoided by simply sending registered post, pay a little extra and get insurance too. Trust me, that extra couple dollars is very worth it in the end.
In Conclusion

Please feel free to voice your concerns about the terms and conditions stated here. The purpose of this is to improve the quality of the content of the website and we feel that this is a step forward in doing so.

By posting in the trading section, you are agreeing that you have read ALL of the above. It's obvious if you have not read the rules, and if you haven't and you still post the wrong or inappropriate content your access may be permanently removed.

To gain access to post in the trading forums the requirements are simple.
1) Post a new thread in the "Trading Access Applications" subform requesting access.
2) Wait. A moderator will process the application usually within 24 hours. Communication will be provided in the same thread.
*Please don't write your life story in the application... a simple indication that you've read this and will abide by the rules will suffice. Infact, if you've read this far we'd accept a copy and paste of this sentence (you'd be suprised how many people don't actually read the link above nor the text here). "I have read the rules, will use the template, put SOLD in the thread title when the items sells, I have more than five posts and swear to play nice.".
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