TAS SOLD - Geometron G16 - longest (located in Tassie)


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Item: Mojo Geometron G16 - longest

Location: Burnie, Tasmania

Item Condition: Used, but great condition

Reason for selling: Upgraded to bigger bike - need money for renovations

Price and price conditions: $3000 $2500 with Fox DHX2

Extra Info: EXT Storia available for more $$$

Pictures: See bottom of thread

Sick of having the same bikes as everyone else?

Sad when people instantly recognise your bike when they see it?

Do you wish people asked you questions like, "what bike is that" in the shuttle lineup?

Do you wish you could go faster down a hill?

Always find bikes too short?

Then this is the bike for you! Geometron G16 - size longest (520mm reach).

This is super rare machine for Tassie (and Australia), I haven't seen another one (apart from my new one). It's made in Germany out of 7020 alloy, which is much stronger and lighter than a regular aluminium frame. The quality of welds and strength of the frame is super obvious. This could be a bike for life. The reason it's not MY bike for life is I liked it so much I got excited and went and got an even longer one.

I would say that my comfort level on hard shit immediately increased when I got this bike, it's an absolute weapon.

Details on the bike can be found here https://geometronbikes.co.uk/bike-archive/g16/

In summary: Super bomber construction, great to ride and very adaptable. Light for an alloy frame, climbs great for such a big bike and instantly makes you faster on the descents. Only ding on the frame is a tiny dent on the toptube (see photos).

Can setup as 27.5, mullet or full 29er (I've done all three, and all are great).

Choice of shock:

222x70 DHX2 coil for $3000 (175mm travel) - great shock, fully adjustable


216x63 EXT Storia V3 coil for $3500 (155mm travel) - the boutique, grass fed, hand made, super light weight italian shock

Bike includes Hope headset and bottom bracket, brand new pair of Hope cranks (never ridden on), and 200mm OneUp dropper post. Will also throw in the old cranks and a replacement axle which Geometron kindly sent to me.

As I've discovered, by the time you pay shipping, GST and customs duties, you'll be paying well more than twice this for a new frame, so might as well save your money and buy this instead!

If you've read this far, I would suggest to not be thrown off by the reach. If you ride a Large you'll easily ride this bike. Short stem is super responsive, I genuinely think this is the future of geometry. Don't believe me? Look at the geo for the brand new Transition Spire. Bikes are all getting to a point this bike is already at. As already said, I loved it so much I replaced it with an even longer bike.

Located in Tassie but happy to ship at your expense.


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Bangin' bike @DrHarry, but can you please add the template before your copy starts as per Trading Area regs.


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Send it back! Or sell it! This is magnitudes cooler than what you are building.
Just for a second. Sit back. And quietly imagine how magnificent those Trickstuffs will look on this. You know what to do.
Settle down mate :D such denigrating comments about the Titan!

This would be so nice with a set of Dorado's.....but it's already been done ;)


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I'd love to try a dual crown fork on the Geometron. My mezzer is good though, can't complain about it.

Here's a couple more pictures I found to show what a weapon the G16 is. Depending on how you setup the shock you can run it insanely slack, or just a little bit slack, or several points in between.



Do you feel lucky? Do you pup?
I could never work it out exactly, but around 60 degrees. That was with the short shock set in the long shock position and a mullet.

Absolute demon down a hill and around corners.

Surprisingly good going uphill. The front end was so slack that it had serious issues with "flop". I actually found I could flop it around really tight switchbacks quite effectively. Biggest problem was it was a bit too low to the ground, so pedal strikes on techie climbing were sometimes an issue. Still climbed well, but didn't excel at it I would say.

Whereas, if I ran the long shock in the short shock position and ran it as a full 29er, the BB was super high, the HA was much steeper and the best way to describe it I would say was "perky". Climbed great, very responsive, excellent on techie stuff, really exceptional. Not so good on the descents though.

Running the shock in the correct position (for either size shock) definitely seemed the best of both worlds. Good climbing and good descending.