saint derailer size?


Thinking of getting a saint shadow derailer but i dont understand the sizing? GS medium and SS small. whats the difference. i ride a kona operator if thats any help in answering the question.

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Your SS Cage us a the 'Super Short' version. This is what most people would be running on their DH bikes, such as your Kona Operator. Being really short keeps it out of the way and from snagging on things, and with it using Shimano's Shadow technology its supposed to be even less prone to this.

As far as the GS Version, I have no idea what the GS stands for, but it its the Medium Size Cage. This is more for your all mountain purposes, but either or could be used for that.

I would be going the SS Saint Rear Mech. ;)


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General rule of thumb..

- Short Cage for Single front ring
- Medium Cage for Double front ring
- Long Cage for Triple front ring