RS Revelation ID and service help


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Have been given a fork to diagnose and possibly fix. It's a Rockshox Revelation off what I was told was a circa 2014 Merida 120.
The fork legs are both not fully extending, nor compressing and am hoping a full service may fix as no damage present to any interna
Rockshox Trailhead id's it as an A2 version which fits the timeline but the service guides are for 2019+ forks leaving me completely confused as to what service parts and procedure to use.


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The "trailhead" ID should tell you which service kit is required for that patricular fork. Rev, Reba and Sid models are all virtually identical internally, so if you track down the right vintage service doc for Reba/Sid you should be pretty well set; even a generation or two later will not be drastically different unless changing from an open-bath Mo-Co damper to a Charger cartridge.