Pinkbike Academy (competition)


call me Cáitín
I like how he tried to blame the short run. I think we've seen the last of him dropping the sunnies over his eyes while bragging.
Are you sure its right mate... Yeah bro... ok both fork seals in upside down, I'll get you new ones :p

How do you even do that.


Lives under a bridge
The viewer count from EP1 to EP6.. steady decline.. to be fair I have also watched them all waiting for the riding...
That's because some of the people watching it were only there to perv on the women. Those that weren't Re stil l watching, even if for the cringe factor. I'm keen to catch glimpses of the bikes myself. They look great!


Lives under a bridge
Spoiler alert. Evan wins.

I always wonder what these people generally do for a liv8ng when 25k and a "pro contract" are on offer I mean these aren't professional NBA or AFL contracts were talking about. I can imagine they'd be particularly lucrative


Eats Squid
I just came back to watch after stopping at ep7 (only because I forgot not out of dislike)
I watched the final ones after seeing Evan Pop up on EWS results.
He had a good first season. Going from finishing in top 40, 30, 20 and rounding out at 14th in Tweed Valley. Also had some top ten stage results. I reckon that’s a decent run at it & a far sight better than the first sad sack privateer guy before they handed it to Cathro.

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