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theres a city ride going down dv cam will be there. so be ready to go big and get as many ppl as you can to come as well. we want to make a sick movie :twisted: should be a good day so make sure your there the dates and times are as followed:
ok sunday the 14th meet at flinders st station at 11am (we will wait till 11:15 not later.) at the top of the front steps

if you are going to be late give me a call on the day to see where we are on: 0438 176102

hope to see you all there! 8) :) :D :eek: :p


Likes Bikes and Dirt
ok, HOPEFULLY the dv cam will be there provided i can empty my bank account soon enough :p

if josh is drenched with calls from late ppl msg/call me if u want (i like to feel important)
0417 590 701

PS, that's the day after my b'day so feel free to bring me pressies.


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How old are ya turning Simo?

I may or may not come... sorry but I have a lot of school stuff on atm.


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I want to see what you Melbourne lads are capable of, then get us Sydney boys to rise to the challenge 8)
i think my friend might have given it back to whoever he got it from....i'll have to find out!!!
if he can't get it...one time i'll hire one or something and we'll shred up the city!!! that would sure put the sydneysiders to shame!!
i can't...got a year 12 french lecture thingy...not to mention 6 SACs next week...
i'll be representing in the city on the 14th though

damn i wanna ride hursty...ohh well...


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i say we all wear something that stands out....

itd look sooooo cool !!

like them fluro orange building worker tops that andrew wears when he jumps....

i think you get them from dimmies, not sure tho....


Likes Bikes and Dirt
ok, looks like dv cam is pretty much certain.
I am having spokie dokes and im gonna take the laces outta my shoes.