STOLEN DMR trailstar Toowoomba


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Some little bugger stole my dmr today from my house in Toowoomba

It's pretty unique so keep your eyes out

It's black with red decals and has the following specs;
Pike 454 u-turns black
Xt shifter And shadow rear mech
Hone cranks and front shifter
White shifter cables
E thirteen drs with white super charger bash guard
Polished silver profile hubs
721 rims with silver spokes
Silver wtb comp saddle
Thomson seat post and stem
Silver salsa seat post clamp
Syncros bulk bars

If you see this bike ring me ASAP on 0404087309

Reward offered


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what area of town man? i have seen this in real life so i know what it looks like, i will keep my eyes peeled.

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Any reward for 'touching up' the person that took it? ;) But seriously i'll keep an eye out for it, and hopefully you get it back soon.


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FOUND!!!! Thanks heaps to Campbell and Sandy at iRide Toowoomba. They gave me the vital tips on who had it after the person had been into the shop enquiring about it.

I just wish they hadn't trashed it so much. Sensless vandalism is just not cool


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would you be able to post a pik of what they did to it.
p.s. good job iride glad you got it back mate.
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