Devinci code, it's hectik


Weeeeell, guess who's got a new bike, well old new.
Seems like the ol freekys finally got a real xc bike, a devinci hectik no less.
It's going to need a bit of work but I have at least taken a rusty old chain off tonight.
As you can see it's a pretty yellow colour.
It has a fox 36 fork, yes 36s, they even go up and down, now there is a bonus,
It has a fox dhx3 in its bum, yes, you may laugh at me for having air in the rear end, I am going to investigate to see if it has air in it or if not, will it hold air. If it needs any sort of rebuilding I will probably just put coilly goodness on it.
It has the (dreaded) reverb dropper on it, it will need a bleed, I have the syringes for doing it but I think I will let the bike shop do it first time around.
The brakes front and rear are xt which is pretty cool, front seems to be working but the rear has small movement so shall get it bled to see if it is salvageable, if not I shall put the slx on it from the astrix.
More to come when I am not so rooted.
Purchased from a rotorburner, see if you can guess who. Oh by the way, sucked in, I got it and you didn't



Stem looks a bit short. Definitely needs a longer stem*. Otherwise looks awesome.

*or maybe shorter. Yes definitely shorter.
Yeah, thought that myself, may swapit out for a 110mm stem. Wait, no, I meant smaller, it's not a bloody Cannondale o_O