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    Electric Vehicles etc

    Is it a fair assumption that the charging network in Europe is generally better than in this backwater country? Planning a trip over Xmas, driving from Paris to Slovakia and back via a few other places. Seems just as cheap to hire an ev as a gas guzzler. Wondering what the catch is... Also, any...
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    The QUICK question thread.....

    This is how you end up many bikes?
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    Any fridgies here? Heat pump brand choice...

    Moving away from heating, can anyone help me with what size house a Bonnaire SBB1200 evaporative cooling unit will realistically service? I have been looking for some details but they are not easy to come by. Thanks
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    The QUICK question thread.....

    Compare the shape of each point. They should be consistent and have almost a wave shape to them (look at your new cassette or some of your lesser used gears). Then look at the granny ring on your first photo at about one o'clock- that pointy shape is exactly what you don't want as there is...
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    You laugh you lose

    I'm more triggered by 'wear'. Where are we wearing what?
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    First real bike time

    Thanks all! Byk 350 purchased from scumtree. Looks like a great little bike. Lucky its raining here or I may be tempted to get him on it before his birthday. If I win the lotto in the next week, I might think about a monarch
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    First real bike time

    @moorey I wish I could fork out that kind of money but I don't think I can even afford to ask how much. Mr 3 is only marginally smaller too so I can't really even justify that it will be used by multiple kids. @yuley95 and @caad9 I think a byk may be on the horizon. Thanks for the offer @ausdb...
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    First real bike time

    So, my big guy is about to turn 5 and it is time for a bike with pedals - I know, I have been a neglectful parent but he has been having such fun on his balance bike that I have left it until now. Looking for any recommendations and insight from those who know best. He is 112cm tall. He is scary...
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    ACT Gripsport bike rack - 2 bike

    Price reduction - now yours for a 6 pack. And it comes with another few weeks of dust (for free - bargain)
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    ACT Gripsport bike rack - 2 bike

    Item: Gripsport bike rack - 2 bike Location: Canberra (no postage as it is heavy and would cost a bomb) Item Condition: fine. It's gripsport and as far as I can tell they are unbreakable. There are 2 small modifications though: (1) rear crankholder has been cut down to suit bike with lower bb...
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    2009 giant glory - ACT area

    Have been on to the removal company who seem to be in denial - "we'll check the warehouse" ev2n though all the stuff was put in a shipping container which had no reason to be opened. Waiting on a further response. Thanks #jrewing- will have a think about next bike. In the meantime, this is it:
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    2009 giant glory - ACT area

    My 2009 glory has been knocked off during a move. A bit of an old clunker but still pissed. Grateful if anyone sees if being flogged of on scumtree or bookface. I'll upload a photo later but blue and black (DH0 frame), white boxxers, white spank bar, Saint pedals, Saint derailleur and shifter
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    Little Things You Hate

    Paying top dollar to a removalist company to discover that my DH bike has disappeared. Only an old glory but fuck you motherfuckers
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    What does your day look like?

    Northern hemisphere and @Haakon on posts photos the right way up. Not going to comment about posting it twice
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    Some useful 3D printed parts, tools and accessories

    Random (ie not bike related) request for someone out there. Willing to discuss compensation. Youngest is about to turn 3. He is obsessed with octonauts and accordingly will be having an octonauts themed birthday party. Having trouble finding a cookie cutter for the main emblem, but have found...