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    You laugh you lose

    You left out 'light'-bulb'.
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    Little Things You Hate

    Or the dill that waits in the queue and then only looks at the menu board when they get to the counter.
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    Little Things You Love

    Bonus public holiday 22/9.
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    Little Things You Love

    As long as we keep the June (Queens (Kings? ) birthday) long weekend. ... Not against another long weekend to celebrate Aussie Head of State day or something.
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    beautiful bikes - post them here

    Yes. Really wish I didn't.
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    Little Things You Love

    Two serves of veggies right there. You're on a bit of a health kick.
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    Coffee Drinkers Anonymous

    Placed an order for the medium roast.
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    Coffee Drinkers Anonymous

    I like their 'Resuscitator' blend for black coffees, but when I tried the Bantat blend I thought it would work for milk based coffees.
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    You know you're getting old when ...

    Try to run a lap of the ground, see how much bigger the ground has become.
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    Electric Vehicles etc

    With burning bits of stuff falling all around, imagine trying to get out.
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    Little Things You Hate

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    Can America be fixed?

    Top left, dog looks a bit embarrassed to be there.
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    Little Things You Love

    First read of that I thought it was 6er of Emu as a suppository at birth.
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    Little Things You Hate

    What is the correct pronunciation of that? Is it CHin-elly or SIN-elly?
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    The election thread - Two middle-late aged white men trying to be blokey and convincing..., same old shit, FFS.

    I have two independents to choose from in my electorate. Plus all the usual parties are represented.