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    What does your day look like?

    I loved those play centres when my kids were younger, there is one in Ringwood I think it was that had a slide that was vertical. I just had to have a go myself, supervising the kids of course lol.
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    What did you do TO / WITH / FOR your bike today!

    Went out to the local with the goal to crack 1000m vert. The weather had other plans and had turned the hard red clay into a slippery dip, 30m into the first trail of the day I loose the front end sending me chest first into a big stump off the side of the trail. Not off to a good start lol, but...
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    Dealing with injury risk

    They are a fox launch pro, longish that go down to cover the upper shin as well. Have a full soft rubber shell pad rather than the lesser enduro style knee pads.
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    Dealing with injury risk

    I dont know why, but I consider knees more important than elbows. I guess the thought of not being able to walk, and that if you do land on them its usually heavy impact. Had a little indescression this morning, upper shin took full brunt of my fall straight onto a log running down the side of...
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    What did you do TO / WITH / FOR your bike today!

    You need to sign up, there was even a nice drift through some sand. Looks like such a nice spot for a ride.
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    Street legal

    No wonder all your rides keep getting pinched. If I saw that in the street it would be very hard to fight off the urge to jump on and ride away!
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    Barry 2 - Electric Boogaloo

    Yeah he's been keeping my other bikes warm at night. He was begging to be taken out to the Youies, but when he found out it was going to pitch black he changed his mind :(
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    Dealing with injury risk

    I only hope to be as fit and healthy as my dad at that age, something to look up to for both me and my two kids. This was him last year on his Scott Genius at age 70, yes that's Hero trail at Bright lol, which he also rode up to from Bright before following us down at his pace. In the spirit of...
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    suggestions for cheapie used bike for a old beginner

    I would have thought you're best to look at the cranks as an indication of what level bike it might have been. Much more likely to still have the original cranks than rear mech. I have found this site to be a good source of info for original bike spec. Even has my old banger in it...
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    Douche Listing of the Day - Post them here.

    Its got some cable routing we can all aspire to.
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    The You Yangs Thread

    One of my lights must have gone out in sympathy with yours last night. The light on my handlebar kept cutting out after about a minute leaving me with just my head light, caught a bad shadow at the bottom of Cressy and got disorientated, so ended up bailing into a clearing off the side of the...
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    Going grey... 2019 Transition Sentinel

    You certainly seemed to have it dialed in tonight! Such an awesome bike, glad it's all coming together for you already. Will be interesting to see how the mods go now.
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    What did you do TO / WITH / FOR your bike today!

    Going to miss Youies night rides next week :( Another awesome one. Couldn't ask for better conditions, @beeb went berserk down that last trail haha, on fire. Thanks again gents. Got my PB up that nasty fire trail too lol
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    The You Yangs Thread

    I'll be there, bike is already in the car :)
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    The QUICK question thread.....

    And either likes Jesus, or wants to run on him? Merica fuck yeah