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Hi! I'm up in QLD, postcode 4520. Let me know if you'd consider shipping the Pivot! My current bike is just that bit too hard to pedal up hills (it weights 20kg...), looking for something a bit lighter :) Cheers
Hey mate. I’ll buy your NX drivetrain. I live near Mona Vale, can can pay cash. Somewhere near your ask is fine. I’ll put the gear onto a bike I’m going to sell. My number is 007007007 - Craig. ps. Bit of a challenge for me to pick up this week as I fractured a vertebrae in a crash last Saturday..
Hey Rev.
If you can, i'll take it posted to ADL. No probs if too hard. Apparently the thing to do is knock a few corners off the box so they can't measure it as cubic.
Let me know?
cheers, Gordon.
The Reverend
The Reverend
Hey, thanks. I'll have to see if I can get packaging organised and ultimate cost.

It's a task as you can imagine relative to local pick up. Will update when I have more.

Hi Droenn, Is that KS lever still available? Would you do it for $30 posted to 3749? Cheers, Phil
Pretty keen. I'm building up a Pyga Hyrax as the pride of the fleet, so the budget's tight with this one, the pro 4 rear will probably pose challenges - just bought pro 4s front and rear for the Hyrax myself.

Could you give me an itemised list and I'll work out what I can and cannot afford out of that?

I'll be in Ulladulla either this or next weekend, making pickup and payment easy. Happy to send a deposit.
hey atty is the shock available and do you have a mobile number cheers jason