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  1. Kerplunk

    Likes Bikes and Dirt From Melbourne
  2. The Dude

    Likes Dirt
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  3. Plough

    Squid From Sunshine Coast
  4. beeb

    beebenson From Western Suburbs, Melbourne
  5. Jpez

    Banana Split From Melbourne
  6. ozzybmx

    Níl aon tóin tinn mar do thóin tinn féin From rAdelaide
  7. Ultra Lord

    Hurts. Requires Money. And is nerdy. From Heathcote
  8. steve jobs' pancreas

    Eats Squid
  9. droenn

    Eats Squid
  10. Lucaw

    Capital punisher 15 From Hobart
  11. Petero

    Likes Dirt
  12. Petrolhed

    Cannon Fodder 33
  13. Mattyp

    Likes Dirt 36 From Melbourne, VIC
  14. puffmoike

    Likes Dirt
  15. Lazmo

    Old and hopeless From Melbourne
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  16. mxh

    Likes Dirt From Sydney
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  17. ponk

    Squid 42
  18. tkdbboy

    Likes Dirt From Melbourne
  19. B Rabbit

    Likes Bikes and Dirt 37

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