You laugh you lose


Definitely should have gone to specsavers
Lol, I got my Dad one of the Morrison "Get Blind" tees last year. Quality was actually pretty mint.
Not sure if I could get away with this one...


Runs naked through virgin scrub
Except it would be no different to developing EV. So you could look at it like this....

The first 50 or so years of introducing the new "internal combustion engine" it would be slow, noisy, complicated to operate, expensive vehicle, only able to be refuellled in specific and difficult to find locations from a fuel source that is unsustainable and has to be shipped from all around the world and in most locations, there is no local source of the of this unrefined material.
The fuel, that once burnt, is lost forever and contaminates the environment. The motor needs constant maintenance, a less refined version of the fuel has to be added to the motor and changed and discarded regularly.
Just think of how many "You're not taking my EV" people there would be!;)
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