You laugh you lose


Random Krishna
"The are trying to influence you, don't fall for it" "Let me influence you instead". :rolleyes:
and control, don't forget control. All said with stirring music, whilst waving his big brown dick around, that never seems to leave his hand, except when he's in a Romanian Jail for sex slave trafficking and the rest. perhaps that's how he's telling his sheep to earn money.


Crypto curious
I worked with a guy who had a piss bottle and poo container for those times when he was stuck on the M1 to the coast. You what????????
I worked with an old guy who shat himself in the carpark before his shift started. He commuted from Geelong to Tulla airport and at the time had bought a new car.

Because he didn't want to ruin the new car smell he held on to a fart until he got to work then let rip once he got out of his car.

Mr Crudley

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Don't follow all of those evil others out to bend your mind. Follow me instead and I'll do it instead.
Almost tempting to be a Tate disciple just to see how stupid it all gets and would have to be great entertainment.

Sigh....I still think we haven't reached the high watermark of Internet stupid yet.
There are soooo many contenders all out there pushing hard to out do each other. For some reason, most likely to do with money, they think that we need to follow them for our own good.


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Sign. Me. Up.
I'm not sure who is more cracked, him or the people who believe his shit. Normally I would expect people with that sort of power to be smarter than the public personality he has (because surely he can't be that stupid?) but I don't know if it is the case with him. Has he been propped up by others to be the fall guy for a human trafficking ring so they can get away?

Either way, very funny and sad. There will be some interesting documentaries involving him in 10- 15 years I bet.