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That would be the time that I voted for the Natural Law Party in the Federal Erection, because the rusted on libtard voters couldn't see what a useless fuckwit the local LNP muppet was.
I still have a pamphlet from those guys somewhere. Bankrolled by Bruno Grollo, were going to solve the world's ills with 'yogic fliers'... haha

Mr Crudley

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Full clip for anyone who still gives a fudge about Madonna, NFT’s or animated pron.
It’s just a pathetic attempt to stay relevant while continuing to culturally appropriate Kabbalah.

Watch at own peril.
The world has seen enough of Madge's tooter by now. She definitely has some Peter Pan stay young forever issues going on.

Please, someone get her to sing opera pronto. It is all cringe now in a world that thought it had seen everything.