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Yep already signed up, got bored after about 5min though...
That’s the right page then. I keep forgetting I’m in there until some stupid shit pops up like people welding spokes at the crosses (yes, I know it’s a thing) or some new ridiculous spoke pattern that’s useless IRL, or a huge argument about one spoke with one pound less tension that will cause the downfall of the human race, and I intend to delete the group but forget.
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I wouldn’t say it’s reversed, left and right do it equally, it’s just packaged differently.
Some people just WANT to be offended.
Others can’t accept that people change, and that society changes, and a view expressed 20 years ago doesn’t define that person now (though it doesn’t get them off the hook necessarily either).
Some assume that if it offends them personally, nobody should see it.
Others are just the purest of trolls out to upset everyone they can just because they can (looking at you, 4chan etc)
Others will cut off their nose to spite their faces.
It can be jarring to discover that someone you’ve long respected isn’t actually who and what you liked them for. People need to stop putting other on a pedestal and assume they are bastions of virtue. It’s never going to end well. Humans are mostly flawed.
This still holds.
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Yep agree. I am not saying it is reversed, rather it is common play from a variety of groups to grab a position of power. Old left vs new left is just a prime example.
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With the F35 Stealth fighter now in service with the RAAF, I don't think the Australian Army quite had these in mind when they were approached with the prospect of Stealth technology for ground toops....just not quite the same!
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I sure hope that those batteries go flat about....Now!
Something tells me the army's biggest limiting factor for recruitment is finding people that can pass the fitness test...


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Honestly - I have a list of topics as long as my arm I no longer enter into discussion about with anyone for 2 reasons: -
  1. Most people just wait for their turn to talk and are not really interested in discussion that might result in a mutual understanding
  2. People use it as an excuse to label you for your opinion on the one matter
I've been doing this to a high degree since primary school. I think I need to go visit the black dog thread now... :rolleyes:


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Which thread do you want to talk about?
Oh I made a post here, realised I was in the wrong spot, edited to current content, forgot I could just @zaf the issue, and now it lives on. I could delete it now? That would be zaftastic.